Case Study: SEO Marketing Strategy For Property Agency To Generate 270+ Leads

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Case Study: SEO Marketing Strategy For Property Real Estate Agency


Quick Background

Our Client. a Property Agent, came to us for help in 2020. His website has been stuck on Page 10 in Google’s SERP and he was looking for a solution in the form of an optimised, lead generation-type of landing page.


Our Recommended Solution

We did a website audit for him and after some review, decided his whole website needed to be revamped with SEO-driven copywriting, and strategic keyword targeting.


We re-did the website’s design, making it more user-friendly. We used 1-3 months to get the site to rank at the top 3 pages of Google’s SERP. Our optimisations included Google Maps optimisation, SEO keyword targeting, speed optimisation and installation of the Analytics Tool to complement our Client’s refreshed lead generating machine.


SEO Strategy For Real Estate Property Results


The Results

After publishing, the revamped site jumped to Page 5 of Google’s SERP. Two months later, the website goes to Page 1 of Google and started to generate a healthy amount of leads. Currently, there’re over 270+ leads and this number is still growing, of course.


Our satisfied Client has managed to close quite a number of units since engaging our services, and the best part is that their leads continue to snowball, month after month!

If your FB Marketing results is so damn good or so damn bad, then Search Engine Optimization Marketing Strategy might be your next channel to explore.

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