Case Study: Ecommerce Sales Return 20x From Google Ads SEO

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Case Study 20x Return:

Ecommerce Website Can be Benefited From SEO Google Ads

Google Ads Agency Results For Clients 7
It’s E-commerce Sales with 21X Return of Ads Spend (ROAS) using 𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐠𝐥𝐞 𝐀𝐝𝐬 + 𝐒𝐄𝐎

Quick Background

Our Client, an SME, had only a limited budget of RM5k to spend on Google Ads. Their main objective was to get more customers to purchase from their e-commerce site.


The Client asked us what was the best way to get the best ROAS on this amount, and could we work within his means. Naturally, we took up the project and showed him the power of leveraging keyword bidding and optimisation.


Our Recommended Solution

To succeed on a small budget, marketers need to stick to one specific goal and have a tailored plan. We first need to decide on the “money keywords” we want to target, and from there, bid on them.


On the website, it is crucial to optimise for these money keywords to test the response. Based on the results, we monitor the number of site visitors and if needed, increased the bid. After all, marketing is all about A/B testing and figuring out which is the best method to use.

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Results Ecommerce SEO Google Ads May 2021

The Results

The beauty of digital marketing is that there are all types of solutions for every budget size- no matter how big or small. The key here is to monitor results and repeat processes that work.


Based on the latest update, our Client’s initial ad investment of RM5,020 with us has generated over RM100,000 in sales. This is an x20 return on ad spend (ROAS)- a pretty sweet deal indeed if you ask us!


Small budgets work when you can see your goal clearly. Have a burning question and would like a free consultation on how to best optimise Google Ads and SEO for your small business?  


Schedule a 30 minutes session if you looking for effective Ecommerce SEO Services.

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