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How We Transform Website As 24 Hours Salesman ?

We Build Website Optimized For SEO
Website That Convert Traffic

Being one of the Digital Marketing Agency Penang, a state of Malaysia, we have to stand apart from other Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia.

At Win Makers Marketing, we build the website with SEO optimized, marketing minded and marketing content. We called this website as  SEO Marketing Website that can fulfill the answer, solve the problem of your potential customers. 

Guess what ! The customers are ready to buy and they will directly contact you or leave their contact info on your website. 

SEO Services in Penang

Higher SEO Ranking in Google search results help generate more traffic clicks from ready to buy customers. 

If the searchers are urgent and found your website first, they are more likely to believe you are expert in your industry and willing to connect with you.

For your information, all the websites on page 1 and page 2 are SEO optimized websites. These websites are the solution to answer your queries. We called this online marketing strategy as SEO Marketing.


The Google shows our client website in page 1, ranking no.1 on Google Map and search result when type the keyword "wiring services near me"

Win Makers Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Process

Build (B)

The 3 Cs analysis helps us to identify suitable strategy for targeting right customers / clients. Next, we will to build your website. Based on your industry, competition and the inherent characteristics.

Traffic (T)

The traffic acquisition methods will be SEO Keyword targeted (intentional, navigational, and informational), and Local Business SEO.

Action (A)

To get leads or sales from online, we will use copywriting skill in website headline and content to attract the right customers / clients click on the website or ads.

Check (C)

The website and Facebook Page integrates Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Facebook Pixel to collect data from visitors.

If you looking for Digital Marketing Agency in Penang or SEO Penang, feel free to connect with us. We are willing to provide a FREE Digital Marketing Audit for you (valued at RM599) but free for you if you connect with us. 

Digital Marketing SEO Services In Penang

Our Recent Digital Marketing Projects in Penang

For Genius Pos System, we redesign their website and doing SEO services. Today, their website ranking in page 1 for more than 20 keywords related to iPad Pos System:

  1. ipad pos system No.2
  2. ipad pos system malaysia No.1
  3. ipad pos system penang No.1
  4. ipad pos restaurant No.1
  5. ipad pos malaysia No.2
  6. best ipad pos restaurant No.2
  7. ipad point of sales No.1 
  8. and more.

Frequently shown up on page 1 with related keywords help establish your brand. When customers talk about your product, the first come up is your brand. Because of associate the product with your brand name. 

Curtain Design Company

A curtain design company hiring us for Facebook Marketing

We choose interior design and furniture as the Facebook targeting, Male and Female, Beautiful Copywriting, Promotion price in the photo to target people age from 25-65 Malay language .

Guess what !

They have consequently getting whatsapp message and facebook message from day 1 until now.


Our SEO Keywords Ranking

After SEO keyword research, we decided to build our website from scratch and implement SEO strategy to fight for the most competitive keywords. Today, our website have ranked on Page 1 for keywords:

  1. SEO Online Agency
  2. SEO Marketing Agency
  3. Digital Marketing Agency Kedah
  4. Digital Marketing Agency Penang
  5. SEO Kedah
  6. SEO Penang
  7. 马来西亚网页设计公司
  8. 网页设计公司
  9. 网页设计配套
  10. 网页设计malaysia

As a SEO Agency in Penang, we must rank our website to SEO keywords in Page 1 to show our expertise and authority. If the SEO Expert unable to rank their website on Page 1, could the client believe in this SEO Expert ?!

Why You Should Change Now?

Let see the facts

When was the last time you used Google Search ?

You probably done it frequently, right?

(1) You may search for the product or service you needed at that moment ?

(2) You may search for the topic you are interested ?

For example, you may search for the keyword (electrical service / wiring service near penang) when you face the electrical problem and seek for the certain service provider that can solve your problem.

And I bet you most probably will check the company ranking on the Google Map and page 1 search results only. Do you ever wonder why the website can ranking on the page 1 and acquire the ready to buy customer like you ?


The Opportunities For SEO Marketing Still Big

90.88% of Pages Are Not SEO Optimized

A study from Ahrefs, 90.88% of all pages in the Content Explorer index get zero traffic from Google, and 4.5% of them get less than ten visits per month.

What does this mean?

If your website is SEO optimized, design with marketing minded and marketing content. You have higher chances to grab the online customers faster than your competitors. Because your website is ranking in page 1 and your customers click into your website first.

After Local SEO optimized, your company not only show up in Google search results. Google Map will rank your company on first 3 places with proper Google My Business set up and local citation.

Make A Change Now

A Letter From Win Makers Marketing

Hi friend

Do you have the problem of how to go online? Come on. Don’t shy to connect with us for any problem faced by you in term of Digital Marketing issues. We will try our best to help you. 

Our mission is helping Malaysia SME go online with affordable cost. Win Makers value is doing business in ethical and comfortable way. So don’t worry, we would not hard sell our services. You may directly email us or whatsapp us. We will reply you within 24 – 48 hours.

To Your Success


Founder of Win Makers Marketing

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