Case Study: How We Consult IT Company From Page 10 To Page 1

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SEO Case Study: We Consult and Guide IT Company From Page 10+ To Page 1


Quick Background

A Client came to us for SEO Consulting. They knew their stuff but were having trouble trying to improve their website’s rankings.


When they approached us, their website ranked on page 10++ for all the important keywords relevant to their business. When searched for, Google Maps does not show their location, which gave the website a shifty vibe.


Our Recommended Solution

Seeing that our Client (who’s an IT Solutions company), is rather adept at learning and implementing SEO best practices, we decided to be their consultant for 3 months.


Through 100% SEO consulting work, this was a “done with you” and not a “done for you” service. It must be noted that SEO Consulting may not be suited for every client, as not everyone has the skillset or time to commit to it.


Certain requirements are needed as well, and consulting works best for clients who already have a working knowledge of SEO for their field, but are looking for improvements, and are willing to execute the proposed ideas.

SEO Consulting Project ZEn Y


The Results

From weekly coaching/consulting sessions, monthly progress tracking and various split testing of SEO strategies, we’ve successfully helped our Client:


  • Improve website rankings from page 10++ to page 1 majority of their keywords
  • Increase organic traffic to their site from 80+ visitors to over 300 per month
  • Outrank various huge IT Companies in Malaysia for website pages
  • Position themselves as a source of authority in the IT industry


In the process, our Client gained more info on how to best implement good SEO practices to maximise their ROI. They’ve recently diversified themselves to provide Digital Marketing Services too.

Check out their website here for more info.


Want to know more about how SEO Consulting works? Book a call and let us see how we can help.

Consulting Client Says SEO Help A Lot Nowadays. Got A Lot Leads

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