Case Study: I use Google Ads to advertise Facebook Marketing Services (Closed RM 16k Project)

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Quick Background

This was an experiment with my friend Mr Weon, founder of Wemago Digital Marketing Agency. The question we sought to answer was: “Is it possible to get good results if we were to promote Facebook Marketing Services on Google?”


We decided to allocate some ad budget for this. As usual, the keyword research stage comes first. Surprisingly, a lot of digital marketing agencies do advertise their Facebook Marketing Services using Google Ads.


However, we noted that the keyword search volume is not high, if compared to other more popular digital marketing terms such as “website design Malaysia”, “SEO services Malaysia”, etc.


We decided to allocate RM20 as our Ads Budget per day for Google Ads, to see what kind of results we will be able to get.

The Results

In three weeks to a month’s time, we generated over 10 quality leads (leads with a 70% -80% closing rate), over RM564 spent (February 2021) for ads. We scored a few appointments and managed to sign on a few projects.


In the latest update which was in March this year, Weon successfully closed 3 projects, of over RM16k value! This is a 28x Return on ad spend, with an ad budget of RM 564, and a return of RM16,000+ in project value. We were impressed with what we found, and will continue to optimise the Google ads with better keywords in order to scale up.


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