Case Study: Facebook Marketing and SEO Website For Curtain Design Company (Spent RM30k on FB Ads)

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Curtain Design Company Improve > 50% Sales

FB Marketing for B2C Curtain Design

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Client: Beautiful Decor Curtain provide curtain design price at RM1200++

Investment: Monthly FB Ads Spend RM2000++

Results: Sales increase of at least 50% and One of the advertising posts even go viral with over 4,000 likes, over 750 comments, and over 600 shares.

Results of Digital Marketing (2)

We not only provide Facebook Marketing Services for this client. We also design a website, implement a Local SEO strategy for them to generate ready-to-buy leads from Google Search.

BDC seo ranking

Their SEO Keywords in Page 1: curtain design penang, curtain shop in penang, curtain shop in butterworth, best curtain shop in penang, blinds curtain in penang, window curtain shop in penang, and etc.

With the combination of Facebook Marketing and Google SEO Marketing, they are getting leads consistently and seeing sales improvement 50%.

BDC testimonial


See what their comment to our services.

Vert good service, great website design and marketing skill. Efficient work at a reasonable price.

Schedule a 30-minute Free Strategy Session with our Digital Marketing Consultant if you need some ideas on transforming your business online.

Talk soon.

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