Case Study: LED Company Ranking in Google Search Page 1 For All Keywords

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Quick Background

Our Client is a local LED screen retailer, LedPos with a small 4-figure budget for advertising. They asked us: “Is there any way of marketing/advertising where we spend a substantial amount at first, but as time goes on, we will be able to get leads, even if we do not inject more ad spend?”


A tricky question indeed, but we do have a proposed solution. Do bear in mind that as business owners, you should always have an amount, say 5-10% of your revenue, to be rolled back into your marketing efforts. This is how businesses could grow in a healthy, robust manner, turning cold prospects into warm leads, and then subsequently into an eager, paying client.


Our Recommended Solution

After helping them build up their landing page, we proceeded to get the page up to no. #1 on Google’s SERP. Ranking matters because when you’re at Page 1, so many MORE eyeballs are looking at your site, and naturally you get more traffic to notice you. This itself is a no-brainer but we must stress how important it is to get your site on Page 1.


When we started to work on LedPos’ SEO, we wanted to rank #1 for the following keywords:


  1. led scrolling text panel Malaysia
  2. led stand display
  3. led scrolling text panel
  4. indoor led display Malaysia
  5. led bunting
  6. led advertising board Malaysia
  7. led screen stand
  8. outdoor led display Malaysia
  9. led screen rental Penang
  10. led screen Malaysia
  11. led display Malaysia
  12. led display stand
  13. led screen
  14. led screen display
  15. led scrolling text


All these keywords match with their target audience’s search intents and are keywords frequently typed into the search engine.

SEO B2B Led company

For Beyond LedPos, we build their website from scratch and implement an SEO Marketing strategy.

The Results

Today, their website has ranked on Page 1 for more than 10 keywords related to LED, including all of the above! The ULTIMATE result: their website is currently generating more than 10 leads every month for LedPos without ANY ad spend.


This is a pretty consistent ROI and this comes with being on the first page of Google’s SERP. When Google recognizes your site’s value and puts you on page 1, you easily attract more potential clients moving forward.

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