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How To Choose Your Best Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia

Looking for the right digital agency to work with? Wondering where your options are located, how to get in touch with them and what services are offered? Well, you’re at the right page!

SEO (Search Engine Optimised) Marketing, SEO-driven Content, Digital Marketing – these are terms every marketer should already be familiar with. Any brand that aims to succeed in the era of social media has got to take its products off the shelves and onto mobile screens. If anything, the Covid-19 pandemic has quickly taught us the importance of businesses having a strong online presence, a good brand following and a loyal community; as people are shopping online nowadays more than ever.

Before we go into the list of 20 of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Malaysia, let us quickly give you 3 reasons why your brand (if you have not already) should engage a suitable digital marketing team for your online branding needs:


Digital Marketing Solutions & Support in One Hub

You will always have the advice of a reliable team of professionals who really know their stuff to help you with any technical or branding issues. This is one of the main pros in engaging an agency that has the full range of services to meet your online branding and campaign needs. A full-fledge digital marketing agency will generally provide the following services: Website design & development, SEO marketing, Mobile and email marketing (blasts, etc.), Social network marketing, Online Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and etc.


Efficiency Coupled with Real Digital Marketing Results

Working with a Digital Marketing Agency lets you tap into their various expertise and available tools. This is a real benefit as it stretches your funds, as it is more money-savvy to outsource digital marketing solutions, rather than to hire an in-house personnel. Working with an agency will also cost your organisation significantly less, but at the same time you’ll be sure to reap the rewards.

SEO and DM companies will learn and study all about your brand. Then, they employ metrics, data and demographics to effectively target your desired market segment and how this translates is: they show your ads to the RIGHT people. In turn, this will then generate new leads, contribute to the sales funnel and convert to more sales (which is of course, what everyone wants).


They Speak (Online) Marketing

Digital marketing / online marketing / SEO marketing – they go by many names and attributes, but are all experts in the online marketing sphere. When you hire or work with an agency, they already know the game and have been at it long before you. Marketing is their niche; they know what works for different industries and target groups.

They are always up to speed on the latest mediums, tools and technology – saving you a lot of hassle as a client because they know their stuff. Digital Marketing Agencies prevent you from making mistakes; and after all, since you would have many other aspects of the business to attend to; they take care of the online aspect for you.

They help organisations achieve their desired end-goals through effective online exercises, all with measurable results. Oh, and by the way, did we also mention that you’ll be furnished with monthly tracking and records on how well your ads are working as well? The benefits of working with agencies are REAL!


List of 20 of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Malaysia

And now here’s the full list, sorted alphabetically! We are listing the Agency, their services available, price range, website and phone number. What almost all Agencies have in common are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Web development services.


Cleverus Consulting

Cleverus Consulting (Kuala Lumpur)

Services available: Inbound Marketing, Online Reputation Management (Content monitoring, Crisis management, Digital footprint analysis), China Marketing Services, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design and Development.


Phone:  +603 9054 3113


Digital Marketing Agency Asia

Cloudrock Asia (Subang Jaya)

Branch office located in Singapore as well

Services available: Search Engine Optimisation, Online Advertising, Social Media Management, Web Design and Development, Content Marketing.


Phone: +603 2718 1703


dark logo

Emperikal (Kuala Lumpur)

Services available: Web Content Design and Development, Content Marketing, Web and SEO services, Online Branding Support and Strategy, Content Creation & Social Media Management, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Performance Marketing (Paid Media).


Phone: +603 2935 9035


Alen Yeoh Social Media Marketing Consult

Evo Marketing Sdn Bhd (HQ in Penang) *****I Rate 5 Stars For This Agency*****

Services available: Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Management, Web Design, Programmatic Advertising.




Gapture® Malaysia

Gapture Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Services available: Digital Strategy, Online Advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads), Conversion Page (Landing Page), Conversion Sites and web Development, Social Media Marketing.


Phone: +6011 5500 9898


IH Digital is Asia’s 360 Digital Marketing Agency with a strong presence in Southeast Asia and Greater China. We have 100+ digital marketing specialists catering to your digital needs.

iH Digital Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Kuala Lumpur)

With office locations in Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

Services available: 360° Strategy & Planning, Data & Analytics Training, Content Marketing, Platform Management (Social Media, Web), Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Website Development


Phone: N/A


DigitalMarketingServiceMalaysia SEO,PPC,FacebookAds,DisplayAds

iMarketing MY (Kuala Lumpur)

Services available: Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising, Digital Content Strategy, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Google Ads Management, Google Display Network (GDN).


Phone: +603 2770 2533


iProspect Australia wins National Australia Bank search business

iProspect (Kuala Lumpur)

Services available: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Development, Data Analytics (Data Integration, Data Collection, etc.), Content Marketing.


Phone: +603 2080 6383


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, phone and indoor

Kang Xiang *****I Rate 5 Stars For This Agency*****

Services available: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Development, .




Logo Lion & Lion

Lion & Lion Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

With office locations in Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Services available: Email Marketing, E-commerce Consultancy and Enablement, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Outreach and Digital PR Services, Website Content Design and Development, Media Buy and Strategic Advertising, Google Analytics, Search Engine  Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing.


Phone: T: +603 2711 0485


LOCUS-T | LinkedIn

Locus-T Sdn Bhd (Petaling Jaya HQ and Penang Office)

Services available: Search Engine Optimisation, B2B, Google Ads: Search, YouTube, GDN and Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Web Design and Development.


Phone: +603 7947 3222


Nexus Mediaworks International Sdn Bhd Profile & Client Reviews ...

Nexus Mediaworks International Sdn Bhd (Puchong)

Branch office located in New Zealand as well

Services available: Google SEO and SEM services, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Analytics Services, Social Media Management, UI/UX Development, UI/UX Mobile Design, Video Marketing.


Phone: +603 8079 0918 / +6012 538 0919


No photo description available.

Nuweb Sdn Bhd (Puchong)

Services available: Web Design and Development, SiteGiant Unichart Commerce, Google Ads Services, Google SEO and SEM services, Pay-Per-Click Advertising.


Phone: +603 8061 6877 / +6012 696 3011


global logo

Salt Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

With office locations in UK, USA, Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong

Services available: Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Marketing, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Big Data Services, Human Resource Services.


Phone: +60 3 6201 0196


digital marketing agency malaysia Shock Media Vince Tan

Shock Media Studio (Puchong) *****I Rate 5 Stars For This Agency*****

Shock Media Studio is founded by Vince Tan as one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in Malaysia.

To me, he is the best Digital Marketing Expert in Malaysia.

Services available: Search Engine Optimisation Services, Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Online Ad Retargeting, GMB (Google Media Buy) Marketing, Website Design, Social Media Marketing.


Phone: +603 5882 7008


No photo description available.

Silver Mouse Sdn Bhd (Petaling Jaya)

Services available: Digital Marketing (Google SEM: Search Engine Marketing, GDN: Google Display Network, YouTube), Facebook Ad & Account Management, Social Media Ads (LinkedIn, Twitter, Waze Ads), Search Engine Optimisation, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Creative Design services and Web Development, Video Production Services (Animation / Short Videos).


Phone: +603 7932 3218



theAdsBiz Sdn Bhd (Petaling Jaya)

Services available: Web Design, Google Adwords, GDN: Google Display Network, Digital Re-Marketing, Youtube, Facebook & Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics.


Phone: +603 7802 8791 / +6012 9063 933


Wagogo Innovative Sdn Bhd logo

WagoGo Innovative Sdn Bhd (Kuala Lumpur)

Services available: Content Marketing, Google Adwords, Landing Page Solutions, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing.


Phone: +603 2732 2584

Wave Evolution - Tech in Asia

Wave Evolution (M) Sdn Bhd (Petaling Jaya)

With office locations in Singapore and Hong Kong as well

Services available: Lead Generation, Database Solutions, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation Services, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Web Data Scraping.


Phone: +603 7722 5902 / +603 7722 5053


We Help More Than 10 Companies Go Online in Just 1 year (10)

Win Makers Marketing (Kedah) It’s my agency 

It’s my agency.

Services available: Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Ads, Web Design, SEO Marketing, Social Media Content Marketing, Facebook Marketing.


Phone: +6012 409 7971


Quick recap of why hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

To end, we would like to do a quick recap of why hiring a Digital Marketing Agency is the way to go:

– A good digital marketing agency will help develop powerful strategies for maximum ROI.

– Digital marketing agencies gets your message across all dotal platforms, to the right audience.

– An agency gives you honest brand evaluation and next actionable steps to achieving objectives.

– The creative and technical aspects of all online campaigns are fully taken care of by the agency.


Final Thought 

We really hoped you found this article useful. All the best to find a digital marketing agency that would best suit your brand! If you already have a head start to work on digital marketing, that’s great! If you haven’t, Win Makers Marketing is One of the best digital marketing agencies providing SEO services in Malaysia as featured on Trusted Malaysia “Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Malaysia”, we could be the solution that you have been looking for to strive for success in the search engine! Feel free to reach out to us should you have any digital marketing queries. Till next time!

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