Case Study: Complete Search Engine Marketing For Window Tint Specialist (Consistent Over 100+ Leads Monthly)

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Complete Full Search Engine Marketing Strategy For Traditional Business (Window Tint Specialist)


Google Ads case study I Tint 2

Client: I Tint Specialist provide Window Tint Solution (Price RM1000 – RM10000+).

Comes to us for web design services in 2019. Start running Google Ads for them after the website completed.

Start seeing sales improvement 20% – 30% at the first month.

Investment: Monthly Google Ads Spend RM1800++

Results: All the search words on top of page 1. Sales increase 20-30% in 1st month of service. Non-stop inquiry after maintenance and optimization.

i tint NOV 2019 google ads data

The Cost Per Click in Nov 2019 is RM4.02 CTR is 5.51% (The first month)


i tint FEB google ads data

The latest Cost Per Click is RM1.61 in February 2021 and CTR is 9.37%.

The CPC drop from RM 4.02 to RM 1.61 and CTR improve from 5.51% to 9.37%.

Google Ads Agency Results For Clients 8

Google Search Engine Marketing case study I Tint 3

Google Search Engine Marketing case study I Tint 2


The Google Map also ranking on Page 1 when people search House Window Tint, Office Window Tint, and more.

There are 64 Request Directions and 21 Calls in a month. (Quality Customers Who Eager For Their Services).

screencapture I Tint SEO Ranking 30 04 e1619739727806

You May Check Here For Current Ranking: Updated From Time To Time

As see, the website ranking for many Window Tinting keywords as well.

The keywords like Office Tinting, House Window Tinting and Bahasa Malaysia word (Tinted Rumah KL, Pembekal Tinted Rumah KL) also in page 1.


ITint Jan Click whatsapp and Tel

Google Analytics shows that 179 clicks to WhatApps and Call I Tint in January 2021

On average, they are getting around 80 contact them via WhatApps and 22 fill in the form to schedule consultation every month.

This is like a client acquisition system that constantly generates leads for them.

How To Do This?
  • Find out all the money keywords
  • Bid on these keywords
  • Optimize website for these keywords
  • Monitor results, Optimize Keywords, Scaling when needed
  • Repeat process

Schedule a 30 minutes session if you looking for an effective Search Engine Marketing Strategy.

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